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Buy Google Reviews

You might be tempted to buy Google reviews because you think that your business needs more reviews because you have few reviews or maybe you have a lot of bad reviews, and you need to flash them down. This might get you tempted to come up with an idea of buying Google reviews because it seems to be the quickest and perfect solution, but it can actually lead you into consequences. These consequences can end up ruining your business and reputation.

The importance of online reviews

Local SEO Expert says that 92% of the customers read reviews before they make a decision about whether to purchase anything online. Bad reviews will make customers leave while positive reviews will make customers purchase. So having positive reviews will give you a huge advantage over your competitors but you will have to have authentic reviews. When it comes to Google reviews the following methods are the best methods that can help you earn Google reviews in a way that is acceptable:

  • Automating the whole process
  • Make the reviewing process super easy
  • Interact with your customers
  • Ask feedback from your customers immediately

What does buying Google reviews mean?

Buying Google reviews includes an act of paying online agencies to write fake positive or negative reviews. It could also involve offering incentives to customers in exchange for having them write positive reviews. This is against Google’s Terms of Users Policy, so you have to keep in mind that you are doing a wrong thing whenever you do this because it is against the contract you accepted to adhere during your signing up.

Buy Google Reviews
Buy Google Reviews

How buying Google Reviews can ruin your business

Buying Google reviews can backfire and launch you to hot soup, and this can include the following:

Clients might mention the incentive in their reviews. A customer might write a review such as “This company is awesome; they gave me a free cinema ticket for leaving a review on their page.” That will be a blow to your page because when people read about it, they will realize that the reviews on your page are not entirely authentic and therefore cannot be trusted. This might make them get an opinion that all the positive reviews were acquired by paying people in-kind to do those positive reviews. This is very bad when it comes to business.

Review sited can detect the fake reviews. Google has a very complex algorithm that works to detect and remove fake reviews. This might put you at risk in case the system detects that there are fake reviews on your page. Your customers will wonder where all the reviews that used to be on your page are nowhere to be found. Others will be able to know that that you had fake views and the system has detected and removed them.

It is very hard to know what is working and what is not. It is very hard to improve your business and make it grow if you work without being honest. You will not be sure which strategy is working and which is not. You will be sure which strategy is bringing you positive results which one is making you business lack behind. This could go on undetected and could cost you a lot of time and customers without notice. So it is better that you stick with proven methods that are reliable and accepted with no risks.

Buy Google Business Reviews
Buy Google Business Reviews

Getting Google reviews from customers

Getting new reviews should not lead you into sacrificing your reputation and ethics. The only way to get positive reviews is through making sure that you provide services that will make your customers have the best experiences. This will accelerate and maximize the power of your brand, and you are likely to get a lot of positive reviews. But let me guide you through some of the tips that will help you in acquiring positive reviews:

Ask customers to leave reviews. This works when customers are asked directly while they are still online after making purchases. This is because their experience is still fresh and you are likely to grab their intention. Make sure that you keep your message relevant and don’t go around the bush. Never ask for their email just ask them straight to review your products while they are still online.

You can meet them on mobile. You can engage with your customers by talking with them in a normal way. You can send SMS review request that fits in a friendly way and avoids making the request seem professional like a business request. Just write a message that is in a friendly manner just like as if you are talking to your friend or buddy. This is likely to interest a customer, and eventually, he/she will review your products or services.

Make the reviewing process super easy. When you want customers to review, your products make sure that they do not have to go through a complicated process because it is more likely they will end up giving up, and you will not get any single review. For example, if you send SMS asking them to review your page be sure to include a link that when clicked it will land them on the review page and they won’t have to go through a lot of pages to reach the review page. You can use an application like Bird Eye that uses deep-linking in routing happy customers directly from the text messages to a third-party website. This will save them a lot of time and customers do not like going through endless pages with a lot of clicks.

You can automate the whole process.  Managing the review process manually might be very hard and often impossible. Therefore it will be much better if you employ management tools such as Bird Eye that will help you in requesting customer’s feedback but also it will identify customers who are satisfied with your products and services. This one among a hundred tools out there you can find a lot of tools that you can use to manage your customers and help you get a lot of feedback from your customers.


Trying to game the Google system will not help you in getting the reviews, but you have to provide good products and services that will make your customers have the best experience that will stick on their minds. This is the best way that will enable you to get a lot of positive reviews without having to pay for them.

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